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Spice Allowed In Thailand?


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Hi there,

i want to bring a few packets Spice , A Potent Pot Pourri ;), to thailand.

It´s legally sold here in germany and its a chemical Cannabioide:

My link

I think thais dont even know this (this stuff is 5 times stronger than ganja and when they check your urine nothing in there ;)

SO i am safe to bring some to thailand or not? Think there are no laws against it,or?

I not want to be in the situation that the check my laguagge and open the packs and say its ganja.

It looks same but its not ganja at all, even THC tests are negative on it.



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OP, if you think this a smart way to circumvent the drug laws, perhaps you should think again. It may be legal in Germany, doesn't mean you'll get away with it here.

16) Not to post about gambling, betting, pornography, illegal drugs, fake goods/clothing etc and other activities that are officially illegal in Thailand.


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