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Tr Visa In Laos (Single)

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I am currently in Pakse and need to get a tourist visa (single).

After all the palava regarding the embassies changing the rules, we are struggling to decide whether to go to Vientienne or Savannakhet.

We want to enter Thailand on the 16th October and stay 3 months.

We are both from the UK, and if the embassy asks for onward flights we have a flight on Dec 13th from KL to Vientienne. Would this be sufficient evidence that we aren't establishing ourselves to work? We probably won't take the flight as we would like to stay in the North of Thailand and so we might as well take a bus to Vientienne (Laos for Christmas).

I'm a bit worried, i have done a few visa's in the past:

1 x type O

2 x single entry tourist

3 x 30 day stamps (airport)

1 x 30 day stamp (overland - given in error?)

1 x 15 day stamp

However, I have a new passport which only shows visa exemption stamps, see below.

OLD PASSPORT03/09/08 - 30 day stamp

24/10/08 - O issued (Hull UK)

09/12/08 arrived

15/02/09 visa run (Ranong)

27/05/09 visa run (Poipet)

27/08/09 visa run (Vientienne)

30/10/09 back to UK

27/01/10 TR visa issued - Hull UK (single)

20/03/10 60 day stamp (Satun)

4/06/10 TR visa issued - Denpasar, Bali (single)

26/6/10 60 day stamp (BKK)

29/08/10 30 day stamp overland - Nong Khai


19/05/11 30 day stamp (BKK)

01/06/11 30 day stamp (BKK)

03/09/11 15 day stamp (Sadao)

What is everyones views about the best place we can get a visa? We have no hotel booking references. We've heard that in Savannakhet they issue them without too much problem, but it would be better for us if we can get them in Vientienne. Do you think my previous visas from my old passport will be a problem? Should we just bite the bullet and sit around in Savannakhet waiting for a new visa?

Lots of questions there.

Many thanks to anyone who can take the time to help us


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