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As Easter once again draws near im on the search for Cadbury cream/caramel eggs. Every year I have tried to hunt these down and have ended up making a special flight to Singapore for them. Does anyone know any store that sells them or any website that will sell/ship them.

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Ive looked in every central, tops, villa, foodland, you name it! Nothing, nothing that even resembles Easter. Am i blind or is there nothing going on with easter in bkk at all? Very popular in singapore and hk.

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I found these three addresses - Which one is correct, I do not know.

Hope you will find the product. Please do let us know if you succeed!

Cadbury Adams (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

Mr. Anat Julintron

415 Soi Mitudom Sukhumvit 74

Samrong Nua Muang

Samutprakarn 10270


Tel : 02 366-9100

Fax :02 745-6497

E-mail :

[email protected]

[email protected]

Cadbury Adams (Thailand) Ltd.

102/1 Moo 4, Lad Krabang Industrial Estate,

Chalongkrung Road, Lamplatiew,

Lad Krabang, Bangkok 10520

[email protected]

Cadbury Adams (thailand) Limited

Website: www.cadbury.com

Phone No.: 6623263000

Fax No.: 6623263139

Address: 102/1 Moo.4 ,Ladkrabang Industrial Estate , Chalong Krung Road , Lamplathiew , Ladkrabang , Bangkok ,

Bangkok, Thailand

Postal Code: 10520

Country: Thailand

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A friend is flying in the 10th his luggage will include a big box of both caramel and cream eggs, hopefully enough to fill this craving that i get each year. Will be curious if there's any melting issues as its a long flight from Texas.

This year seems especially quite for Easter as normally you can find some form of candy. Not even so much as a rabbit to be found.

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