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Shidengen FH020AA/Yamaha 1D7-81960-00-00 R/R

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Shidengen manufactures these highly acclaimed MosFET voltage Regulator/Rectifiers in Thailand. But I cannot find any re-sellers.

Yamaha uses this part on the R1 and FZ1 but charges nearly double what Shidengen sells for in the US.

Are there any know re-sellers of the Shidengen FH020AA in Thailand at a reasonable price?

I have an urgent need......


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Thanks Richard,

The Rep in BKK was of no real help. They have no re-sellers in Thailand except Yamaha or Honda branded units, the Yamaha one is 5750baht without the wiring harness. Sellers in the US have them for 139 with a complete harness as well: http://roadstercycle.com/index.htm.

Stupid money here.


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I just ordered one from eBay comes from japan 1500 bht could have got a Chinese one for 1000 bht. In the uk a honda one is 3000 bht


That's one hella good price. Do you have a link to the ebay site? do they have more?

I saw the one for the Chinese one prob outta Singapore shipping, I am considering it but for 500B more rather have the real thing, I think.


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this is the one i got its obviously not mosfet ,just got it today ,have to fit it tomorrow which involves taking the tank of the honda hornet,i doubt if these will deliver to thailand as they are in the uk.funny how this thread appeared as i have been doing research on these all week ,my bike broke down twice and i have narrowed the problem down to the rectifier ,on my research many people were saying you can get the yamaha r1 rectifier as it will also fit the hornet.

anyway here is the link for my one........http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160867292584?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

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