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soccer or Futsal in Chiang mai


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Sharon.....nicknamed shazza, every time?

Are you looking for girl footy? You dont clarify.

There are surprisingly dozens of futsals now, everywhere you go. You know 4 yrs ago when I first came to C.M researching business ventures I stayed in the Queen Vic hotel for 13 weeks. Every week the owner tried to flog me his business but next door one of the first futsal all weather pitches was being constructed. Following completion, every night the 2 (or 3) pitches were busy from 5pm until 11pm.

i was already calculating the income and the insignificant outlay by comparison, a few floods, netting, plastic grass. I watched them build it and i costed it up; it was a winner; the only thing I didnt know was the ground rent they were paying.

I found a great spot in Santitham, a great spot next to chedi luang but fate intervened and i changed tack.

In hindsight I am happy I made the right decision, the bandwagon has since been jumped on..... and to get back to the OP, off the top of my head, there is one next door to tesco on superhighway, one a few hundred metres from the Maya on the superhighway; one on the road from Big c/Home Pro towards Global; the one on Proprokklau I mentioned above;

all pretty much the same, no doubt poster here can add several more.

A great idea, tapping into local people primarily and their interest in the EPL. good luck in your quest.

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