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Database with historic real estate prices


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It's going to be hard to find, except for agents that specialize in certain buildings or Moo Baans. What is actually paid is hush-hush at the land office, because it is almost always beneficial to use their assessed value. However, when they do raise them; it can be a large increase. Bangkokpost gives some good stats on price PSM, due to the large number of New Builds. Eventually, you will see a Zillow type website here.

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From many many discussions with long termers here.. and knowing what people actually paid for their own homes, almost always from another expats forced leaving.. Its a fraction of the asking prices..

One guy I know paid 2.4 on a 4.8 IIRC asking.. Another mid 2's on something asking near 6.. I myself passed on offering 1.5 or 2 (I was told flat out he would take 2.5) on a huge multi home property with pool salas workshops etc that started at 6.5 because the wife didnt like the location (very isolated)..

You seem to have 2 markets.. One the sellers who will sit and wait, leaving an empty property for years never achieving a offer that matches what they feel the market should give them... This category includes the banks who will sit on empty homes repossessed forever it appears, with no sense of time value of money.. And sellers who lose their shirt when they are forced to relocate back to the west or for further employment.. I am sure there is some middle ground, where resale homes met happy buyers at a mid point.. I just never have seen it. Thais (middle classes) on average want buy new build, financed and mortgaged, the wealthy ones own land somewhere and build on that.. The scary levels of personal debt, something that simply didnt exist here 20 years ago, smells ripe for a real economic issue of 2 or 3 things happen at once..

Thats my take away from this market.. I am sure many would disagree, tho question if they have a vested interest to believe their own values etc..

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