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Cooler riding accessory, Ventz


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How is it an improvement over a vented jacket?

I understand that there's the ram air effect in play, but it would make it up to where your forearms and then that would be that...unless you're riding Superman style with your arms stretched out. Don't think I've seen a bike like that and can't say I've ever noticed my forearms being hot enough to require such a contraption.

And what of an accident. Would their shape cause a forearm to possible catch on something and cause damage? Or is their plastic soft enough to deform so that an impact would not injure your arm?

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I already bought, tested, and reviewed them on the board- if you use tight sportbike-oriented jackets with close-fitting sleeve closures and full-gauntlet gloves, they're useless- if you wear a looser jacket with short gloves they would aid in flowing air, especially if you ride a bike without a full fairing.

Due to their shape and position, I doubt they'd increase the risk of injury in a crash- unfortunately, they simply won't work with my gear selection.

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