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Booking flights via LHR to Dublin

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Hi all

Heading to Ireland in May for 4 weeks with my THai Wife. I am Irish. Irish Visa sorted already for my wife.

Looking at flights and see one with BA via LHR. Arrives in terminal 5 from BKK and departs via terminal 2 to Dublin.

Will my wife need a UK transit Visa?

Thanks in advance.

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Providing BA will allow your wife to transit airside and check your bags through, which I understand they will, your wife shouldn't need a visa. https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa/y/thailand/transit/no

If your wife has an Irish Biometric Visa, which I assume she will have, then she would also be able to transit landside without a transit visa, subject to satisfying a Border Force Officer that she meets the requirements and the Irish Visa was issued within the last three months. https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa/y/thailand/transit/yes

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Thanks oldgit - No she doesnt have a biometric visa. These are only taken in certain countries - Thailand is not one.

The other option is via Amsterdam on KLM.

The Government website says no transit visa necessary - can anyone confirm this?

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She should still be OK as I believe that BA will actually transit airside, be interested to hear from anyone with any first hand knowledge.

Yes i would be too.

KLM cnnecting via Amsterdam looks ok too. As far as i can read no transit visa necessary for that flight.

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