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International Driver's Certificate

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Where in CM do we go to get an International Driver's Certificate/License,or whatever's it's called?

Wife has a Thai driver's license, so would think all she has to do is present that, anty up some baht, and voila. Am I correct?

Thanx in advance. Virginia (USA) won't renew her license since she's officially left there. They've egg on their face after 9/11, as several of the hijackers had easily obtained Virginia licenses. Thus tightening up time.

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I think it's actually some kind of automobile club that issues these. Bangkok Automonile Association bla bla something..

Ah, just Googled it up:


International drivers licenses are one of their services. (Site is in Thai language). Doesn't seem to have any specific information beyong that they do issue the things, so probably best to just contact them.



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I just got back from the Department of Transportation in Chiang Mai, opposite the airport runway on Hang Dong road, and they gave me a Thai International Driver's License handout, at my request, when I extended my Thai License for five years.

The big difference in getting the international driver's license in Chiang Mai is that it must be sent to Bangkok by the Department of Transportation and requires a minimum of twenty days. You must supply a 25 baht stamp, yellow envelope and a postal order for 505 baht.

Otherwise the requirements are the same as Bangkok where you can get the international drivers license at the Department of Transportation(Motor Vehicles Registration office) the same day.

1. You will need a Thai Driver's License ( 2 copies + origianal)

2. Passport and Visa (2 copites +original) and extensions

3. Residence Certificate from the Immigration office or the appropriate consulate (1 copy + origianal) U.S. consulate charges 2000+ baht, immigration 300.

4. Two photos (size 4cmx6cm) not glossy

and for Chiang Mai items 5,6 & 7 are the envelope, stamp and postal order.

There was a long wainting line at the "Information" table on the second floor, but after the wait, I was told to go straight to window 205 where Farang are given wonderful service from a English speaking lady. So bypass the table and go to 205 and she will take care of everything for you. Most of the window people speak a little English and a smile goes along way. Probably this department is the most highly regarded Thai beaurocratic establishment by farang, and I second the motion.

Good luck, should be a slam dunk.

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