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Questions on visiting to Siem Reap from Bangkok.


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Hi all,

I am planning to visit to Siem Reap by taking bus from Bangkok. I am Burmese national and holding Non-immigrant "O" visa.

Here are my questions:

1) Is it still valid to travel to Siem Reap by land route?

2) Can I get re-entry stamp at the border or Should I get re-entry stamp at Bangkok in Advance?

3) Any tips and cautions for this trip?

Thanks in Advance.

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Yes, you can travel by land. Bus or minivan to the Aranyaprathet crossing and then bus or share taxi once across. You may also be able to get a package from a Bangkok travel agent inclusive of the transport in both sides of border and roundtrip, and hotel and entrance fee (assuming you want to visit Angkor Wat complex).

Re-entry permit cannot be gotten at the border crossing itself. It can be gotten at the immigration office in Aranyaprathet town but quite soem distance fro mthe border crossing so easier to do first in Bangkok.

Tips/cautions: there are a fair amount of touts at the border crossing who will try to charge you for filling out the departure/arrival card, or for an unnecessary health certificate, or sell you an overprices ticket. Firmly ignore all.

Change some baht to dollars first as while you can pay in baht for the travel it will be at an unfavorable rate.

As an ASEAN national you will get 2 week visa exempt entry so no need to get a Cambodian visa unless you plan to stay more than 2 weeks. So walk straight past the visa windows to the immigration officer. Ignore anything they do that may seem to seek a bribe (slowly leafing through your passport etc). If you go with a tour package make sure the price you pay does not include visa cost, since you don't require a visa.

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