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Taking items and possessions from Thailand to Cambodia....TAX? Bribes?


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Hello all, if I moved from Thailand to Cambodia with all my possessions across land, would I expect to pay a heavy income tax bill?

Anyone have experience with this?

Furthermore, can anyone recommend any companies who can move my things?


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Plenty of companies but very expensive to use them. Unless what you are bringing includes a lot of high value items, likely not worth it.

JVK Movers is good. http://www.jvkmovers.com/en/

There will not be an "income tax" bill but you may or may not be charged customs duty, depends entirely on just how much you bring in and what it is.

My niece's husband recently brought a pick up truck full of used personal items - clothing, guitar, hosuehold items etc -0 and did not have to pay anything.

If you do have to pay, amount will be negotiable so can be less if yo uare prepared to stanbd your ground and spend a lot of time bargaining.

Given how inexpensive the trip is, may be worthwhile to bring the stuff in several different trips. Take the more expensive stuff - computer and the like - in with not a large volume (i.e. say not more than 3-4 peices of luggage) so that you will likely be waived straight through, then save the large quantities to be all old/used things.

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Yes. I have moved both from Cambodia to Thailand and from Thailand to Cambodia and have done so by taking my kit across the border myself.

1. It depends on how much stuff you have - are you talking a whole house full of stuff or a few bags? If just a few bags - when you arrive at the border in Aranyapathet/Poipet, pay a nice Khmer man with a trolley to take all your bags to the other side and wait for you. This will cost you a couple of bucks. Make sure you keep a single bag on you with all your high value items in it. Walk across border and pay no taxes and meet nice man with your stuff at the other side; then pay for a taxi (or two) to take you to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.

2. If you're talking a whole house full of stuff - sell 99% of your crap before going to Cambodia; furniture and white goods are cheap in Cambodia and you will have to pay an expensive removal company and yes, pay import taxes on your kit. This will immediately make taking most of this stuff with you more expensive than just flogging it and re-purchasing it on the other side.

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I am moving from Thailand to Cambodia this week but flying to Siam Reap, 2 of us declaring everything as household goods, items I have had and used for the past 6 years in Thailand. I have given away a lot and will purchase new cookers, toaster etc there. I do not expect that you will have any problems.

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