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Short trip..

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I liked Cambo food when I was there. Our driver picked good places. Got to meet his family and friends. Had dinner at his place one night.

Be sure to have "happy" pizza.

When I was there last year were no happy pizzas, apparently it's been like that for a few years now.

Not sure who told you that - you can find happy pizza in Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh on nearly every street corner.

What makes it "happy" ?

The addition of an ingredient that people normally associate with Amsterdam...

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We are thinking about a street food tour in the evening, bit over priced but good way to get to know the local offerings..

I really wouldn't bother. 4 years in Siem Reap and never found any street food worth consuming there. It's not Thailand; Khmer street food is abject crap. Better to do Cuisine Wat Damnak which is also not cheap but very, very good.

Agree 100% the street food is not a patch on Thailand - and it is likely your wife will need to pack her own chillies.

This is very much a sampler trip and there is much more to Siem Reap than the temples. However, the temples are a 'must see' even if you just do the mini tour of Angor Wat, Ta Phrom and Bayon on day one (about 4 hours would suffice). Going out to Banteay Saray or doing the Tonle Sap (via Kompong Phluk) for a second day.. Take time to enjoy the ambience of the countryside, IMO best enjoyed by tuk-tuk, and the variety of cuisine in town.

Many people recommend seeing the National Museum before going to the temples.

Eating out is a matter of choice/taste but take in The Haven Training Restaurant. Have a look at Phare Cambodian circus I think you will like it.

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