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90 day retirement visa report while traveling and no lease agreement

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I gave up my condo to travel in Thailand.  My 90-day report comes due in a few weeks. What do I use for permanent address if I have none...or is it just easier to exit and re-enter.  And what docs do I need for the report?


if this is already covered in another post, excuse me. But, I did look.


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You can only do your 90 day reports at the office where you got your extension unless you formally change you address at another office.

To do your report at the office where you got your extension you would not need a proof of address.

If you had a address to have the receipt for mailed in reports to be sent to that would be an option to do them.

To do a change of address to a different office you would need proof of residence within that offices area of responsibility.

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