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Arrival/Departure Card

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We travel to Thailand as a family, usually 6 of us, and on a few occasions there are no arrival/departure cards available on the plane which means there is even more of a delay at immigration at Suvarnabhumi. I end up filling in all the cards as it is the Mrs, Me and 4 kids. All this done among the scrum with hundreds of others who also don't have a card. Does anyone know where i can get hold of some cards in advance of my travel?58d4a93c05ca0_arrivaldeparturecard4TM6.thumb.jpg.67f73c4012498cfee1ee1cc1e0034a68.jpg

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Next time you are on a plane that has the cards, as the stew if you can have a bundle of them.  Also, check the magazine rack at the rear of each section, sometimes they're put there, grab a bundle.


And, next time you go through Immigration at Swampy or Don Muang, ask for some extras.



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Probably better for the OP to fly with his family on future trips to Thailand with an airline which does provide TM6 forms for completion on the plane as a matter of course, rather than with one which does not!


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