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Query on extenson of tourist 30 day visa

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Hi TV forum,  hoping you can clarify if we will be able to get an extension on our Tourist 30 visa whilst we are in Bangkok without getting into trouble with immigration.


We are both traveling on Australian passports in August to Bangkok with the automatic 30day entry tourist visa .  unfortunately we miss calculated our flight dates and will now be in Thailand for 38 days before we fly out.  We are trying to work out what our best option is.


We don't want to prejudice our application later in the year for OA visa. (have some question on this process but will leave them for later - already been reading some good info on this site).


We could apply for 90 day visa here is Australia but that involves us sending our passport from WA to Canberra so was wondering if there was an easier way.


If this is possible what is the cost and when should we seek this extension - i.e. do we wait until just prior to expiry or is earlier better?


Many thanks



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No problem to get a 30 day extension of a 30 day visa exempt (is not a visa) entry at immigration for a fee of 1900 baht.

You can apply for it up to about 10 days before your 30 days end.

It will have no effect on getting visas or other entries later.

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thanks Steve,


I have just been on the Thai Embassy site and see they now have Embassy in Perth - last time we applied we had to send our  passports to Canberra -- thought I would mention this as other members from WA may not be aware that we now have a Thai Embassy located in West Perth - not sure how long they have been based in Perth.


Also, I see it is actually cheaper to apply for a 60day visa that seek extension in Bangkok which Ubonjoe mentioned cost 1900baht = roughly $73 yet the 60 day visa here cost $45. not a lot of money but that's two massages each.


I will take the cheaper option and apply here as I don't want to risk boarding issues.


Thanks again for the info.

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