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Painful Loss - losing sunglasses


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6 hours ago, Andrew Dwyer said:

" The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you buy those awesome sunglasses "

Mark Twain

Important day today then for you was it?

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I used to frequently lose expensive sunglasses (come to that, everything!) as I was working, and so it wasn't a problem to buy replacements.


Times have changed and I'm more careful nowadays - even more so when it comes to sunglasses as I agree with a previous poster about the difference between good and cheap sunglasses.


I was given a lift to a dive boat one day, and picked up the wrong set of sunglasses.  As soon as I put them on (unfortunately, on the boat) I realised there was something very wrong with them....

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2 hours ago, Andrew Dwyer said:

No !
A 10k car service plus an impromptu flat tire put paid to sun glasses shopping ☹️

Flat tyre, broken sunglasses just 1 more slice of bad luck for you this week (in 3's). Stay safe Andy. 

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