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Rajabhakti Park Developments Approved


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Rajabhakti Park Developments Approved




A new building and facilities have been approved for Rajabhakti Park with a budget of 15 million THB. Rajabhakti Park means “the park that has been built with people’s loyalty to the monarchs”. The park occupies an area of 222 rai (355,200 m2 or 36 ha) just five kilometres south of Hua Hin. Rajabhakti Park enshrines the history of Thailand The Prachuap Khiri Khan provincial governor also want to build an OTOP the shopping centre that will require a further budget of 24 million THB. OTOP or One Tambon One Product aims to support locally made and marketed products from individual Thai Tambons or subdistricts.


Colonel Krengkrai Uthaichit, the head of Rajabhakti Park, disclosed to Hua Hin Today that Air Chief Mash Udomdej Seetabutara as President of the project has approved a budget 15 million THB to construct a building which will contain large dining areas and rest rooms to welcome visitors. Since the opening Rajabhakti Park featuring statues of the seven past great kings of Thailand in 2015, visitors have increased each month. Statistics show that the number of visitors on weekdays is 5-6,000 people per day with 10,000 people on the weekends and holidays.


This means it is time to build a permanent building and this is the main intention of the 15 Million THB project. A sound system will also be installed with both Thai and English languages telling the history of each King to visitors. Additionally trees will be planted to compliment the parking areas. Volunteers are now being recruited with knowledge of English and Chinese languages to provide information to visitors each day. The enhancement project is expected to be completed in 2018.


Source: http://www.huahintoday.com/local-news/rajabhakti-park-developments-approved/


-- Hua Hin Today 2017-4-3

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