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Ban Phai city mayor Premsak now dismissed from position


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Ban Phai city mayor Premsak now dismissed from position




BANGKOK: -- Ban Phai city mayor Dr Premsak Piayura has been dismissed from his position after a disciplinary committee has finally ruled him guilty of detaining and stripping a 64-year-old senior local journalist of his clothes.


The dismissal of Dr Premsak, a former Khon Karen MP of the defunct Thai Rak Thai party, was signed by Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paochinda after it was proposed by the Khon Kaen governor to the Provincial Administration Department and to him.


The dismissal order became effective May 5.


Dr Premsak was reported to get angry after the senior reporter reporting his marriage ceremony to the public in July last year. He reportedly wedded with a 17-year-old high school girl.


The publication dashed his hope to receive an award for outstanding performance in charity and social contribution in health care activities, although he was earlier tipped to get the award.


He invited a group of local reporters to a press conference and later detain the senior reporter and stripped him of his clothes.


Full story: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/ban-phai-city-mayor-premsak-now-dismissed-position/

-- © Copyright Thai PBS 2017-05-17
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