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Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydogenase Deficiency (G6PD)


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Hi There,


My son was born 3 years ago and at his birth they told us he has G6PDD from a blood test.  The hospital never told us the results of the test, i.e. how much enzyme he is making, so we don't know how severe it is.   Since the diagnosis we have made sure he never eats any foods, medicines, etc that could trigger a hemolytic crisis and he has been fine, he's in great health. It also a good job I refused the Vit-K injection for him as this is something that G6PDD people must avoid.  God knows what that would have done to him.  The doctor also wanted to give him iron as well, which is another no-no for G6PDD....

G6PD is the most common enzyme condition, especially in Asia.  Also, the G6PDD is passed from the mother, who can just carry it, or can also be affected by it.  My wife also has a daughter who again could carry or be affected by it.


I'd like to get all three tested again with the confirmatory test which shows the enzyme level, plus there is also a genetic test for it.  I'm looking for a hematologist in Bangkok i can discuss this with and get some bloods taken, can anyone recommend one?


Any advice appreciated.


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 Chulalongkhorn Univ Hospital has a genetic disease clinic. I forget which days, don't think it is every day, and it is hard to get info on the phone from there but if you or your wife go by, can find out. Expect crowds and long waits but you'll eventually be seen and get what you need at minimal cost.


Or for a few hundred baht more,  you can also go through their after hours clinic, 13th floor, 4 Pm onward and Saturday mornings. Still some waiting but much less than the public channel. Ask for Prof. Vorasuk Shotelersuk. It will be necessary to go in person first to make the appointment. Register everyone on the ground floor to get patient numbers then go on up to 13th floor and ask the nurse for appointment. You may be able to do that as early as 3 PM.





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