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Mag set top box


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On 2017-5-22 at 6:24 AM, Forkinhades said:

You can get them on eBay.
It's just an Android Box dressed in MAG branding.

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They are not android boxes at all,


they a small footprint version of linux, 

you cannot install android apps.


I have a MAG256 and it is the best for IPTV and H.265 movies, it justs works no fiddling with loading apps and then using different external players for certain movies.  The Mag256 just works.


If you have a android box and want to see what a MAG feels like to use, try stbemu

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Lazada has many to chose from, I've just ordered the Zidoo X10, I was informed on another thread that Lazada pays the import duty so nothing to worry about.

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