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Coconuts TV’s HIGHLAND series now on Netflix!

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Coconuts TV’s HIGHLAND series now on Netflix!

By Coconuts Bangkok




Coconuts TV’s documentary mini-series on the growing marijuana legalization movement in Thailand is now available to watch instantly on Netflix, the world’s leading internet television network.


HIGHLAND is set in Thailand, a country with a long and convoluted history of marijuana. The documentary series depicts a lesser-known side of the Southeast Asian nation. Far from the tourists and the tropical beaches, there is a growing community of Thai people fighting a battle to legalize marijuana.


Full Story: https://coconuts.co/bangkok/lifestyle/coconuts-tvs-highland-series-now-netflix/

-- © Copyright Coconuts Bangkok 2017-5-25
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They should probably decriminalize opium too. There are a good number of methadone tourists coming to LOS, because it is so easy to get legally and most places do not limit the dose. They can get as high they want on it. Methadone is MUCH more addictive and dangerous than opium. 

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8 hours ago, Puwa said:

Amazing to hear the head of the narcotics control board forecasting that some degree of decriminalization could come in 2 years.


Agreed. After watching the documentary I wouldn't be surprised if cannabis is decriminalised to a degree in Thailand sooner rather than later. 


They should start growing it here and then sell it to countries where it has become legal. 

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