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Sadly, Well known Ex-Pat John Pugh has gone sailin' !!


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I am sorry to tell all who may have known John Pugh , one of the nicest People I met here in my 30 years of Partying in the Land of Smiles.

Captain Tuna as I called John , who was one of the original owners and along with his friend Tom MacNamara , created Baan Rim Paa , and it became one of Phuket's favorite Dining , and Piano Bar hangouts on the Island !

    John had been living up-country last few years , but visited Phuket often over the years ,especially around Regatta time.

Best I can find out , he had a stroke 2 weeks ago , went into a Coma and passed a few days ago !

So John has gone sailing , his Body is being Cremated on Sunday.I know he'd love it if you'd listen to his favorite Jimmy Buffet tune , which we were 40 when we met , and a few others while you Celebrate his Life So listen to these tunes , think of our Friend .I will post more if I hear anything , but not being Blood Family the Hospital will not tell any of his Best Friends who were like Family to him .No idea if any of his USA Family are coming , but they were contacted ,He has sons and daughter , plus a Brother , who has visited him here .....I will miss you too much Brother John....R i P , Big Bill still in Pattaya.


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8 hours ago, phuketrichard said:

His brother and son showed up day before he died.

His ex and his thai daughter live in Oz

If he had woke up,  he would have been a vegetable as he had a stroke than a heart attack.

so best he went asleep,


There was no one who could ok the Hospital to do anything for John , until they arrived and by then , he was probably ....I think John would rather me say , by then he was a Cannabis Plant , rather then a Vegetable ! 

I guess he was cremated today.......do u know Richard? Hope they sprinled on some Buds for the Journey , he will be missed by many !


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