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  1. I thought he was being named manager, but it is an interim role, so I guess no posse. Carrick has been at the side of every manager since SAF no, or at least since LVG. So someone else is lined up to take over next season....
  2. Part and parcel these days in it, new coach, brings his own philosophy posse.
  3. That's probably more to do with the fact we have a lot more access to information and it is fed to us to enjoy like a soap opera. And maybe the fact you still think you are the biggest club in the world but you are not even the biggest club in Manchester, what is now 10 years...tick-tock
  4. That and the lack of penalties, seriously, only one this season, and 17 the season before, 22 the season before that. Banker every year until now
  5. Probably best to channel through Chippy's mate
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