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  1. Then I think you are going to be asleep for a very long time yet. I doubt that the national daily figures will ever drop that low again simply because eventually things have to get back to some sort of normality. Once everyone (who wants to be) is vaccinated and everything starts to open up fully then it is extremely likely that the number of cases will climb again, possibly to new record levels. We have to learn to live with this and except the fact that most, if not all of us will catch COVID-19 at some point.
  2. I'm 54, live in Chiang Mai and had my first, free Pfizer jab last week. The second is due later this month on the 30th.
  3. The reality is that people who have money will always comes first in Thailand, no matter who you are or where you come from. And that includes Thai people.
  4. If you relax the visa rules, you run the risk of attracting more riff raff and we don't want that, do we?
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