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  1. I have known “nomads” who are radiologists, post-production sound engineers and video editors, architects, business consultants, financial advisers, and various other types of remote work. Most would disagree. This type of person still needs a residence somewhere for tax and legal purposes. The easy solution is to keep your residence as your home country, but this is not viable for everyone. You are still a nomad if you do not have a company here and a work permit. As for transporting your kit, I knew one person that travelled with a 30” MRI-grade monitor and associated e
  2. There are many different types of digital nomads. Some need a base (or multiple) somewhere, but travel extensively. In some places they use storage lockers, but an attractively priced and secure condo works much better for others. I had a condo in a place where I could keep my servers located that gave me a solid VPN connection for getting around geoblocking. Others I have known over the years had companies in places they did not want to live, so they used a condo here as their official residence.
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