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  1. RIP. Many an entertaining night with Bruce to be had at the Tawan Daeng on Rama3 back in the day.
  2. Maybe your friend and the IO had missed something in conversation? It's quiet simple really and doesn't need a 20kTHB agent. There is no need for the monthly 65k/m if your friend already has 900k. What i suspect as already mentioned is 'he never touches it' as you say won't work. You need to make a single deposit/withdrawal on the day of visa extension into the 900k account and show it in the bank book so the latest balance is updated. I always do an online 10THB transfer in and out of my 800k account using my mobile phone app and then print the bank book out.
  3. I just found out from another thread, I just need to change reason for transfer from 'Long Term Stay In Thailand' to something else and transfer changes to KBank from one working day to seconds to transfer. I did this today and it worked whereas last month I didn't have this issue. In past I always used 'Long Term Stay In Thailand' out of habit. I couldn't see benefit of 'Long Term Stay In Thailand' before but used it anyway, perhaps now with a days delay it has some use to id incoming foreign transfers?
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