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  1. Absolute lunacy! Injections into muscle ensures best immune response as it avoids fat and also distributes the vaccine more rapidly via the blood and lymph systems. Also it reduces the reaction at the injection site as the circulatory systems move the Vaccine quickly away which is why we don't feel the injection in the first place.
  2. I personally wouldn't risk changing a Tourist Visa to non O in Thailand as Immigration could believe you entered on an incorrect basis. Much easier just to obtain the non O from the RTE in your own country
  3. In my case I pay UK tax on all my UK pensions before they are paid into my UK account so under the double tax agreement with Thailand I don't pay Thai tax. I did discuss Qrops with my UK financial advisor which involves transferring private pensions to say Australia or an off shore bank and then getting them paid gross into my Thai bank net of Thai tax which is at a lower rate and it is here that transferring in the following year that it is earnt comes in but I believe this applies to earnt income not pensions. I decided I was risk adverse and opted for taxing in the UK as I didn't fancy arg
  4. Make sure it is well used before traveling and get a bike bag. Under no circumstances keep it in its delivery packaging. If it was me I would buy one in Thailand and yes Thai customs will try to levy duty and other charges including an import licence. Under no circumstances involve a courier as they are in cahoots with Customs. We got all our household stuff delivered in 8 boxes in a container by a removal firm/shipping agent from the UK without any duty or licence without any of the boxes being opened but it took 6 mths
  5. Tried it myself but can't get passed the Buy Now on Line as it is greyed out. Same thing happens going in via Facebook
  6. Even the international schools have to do a significant percentage of the Thai curriculum and if you don't watch them they will increase that percentage to save costs ie Thai teachers are cheaper than foreign ones. And even though some say they follow GCSE curriculum students still have to sit exams at the British Council as well as sitting the normal Thai matriculation exams to be eligible for Thai Universities. Transferring to western Universities is only possible by paying exorbitant fees three times those of a native student
  7. Travel insurance will cover over 75s but will insist on repatriation after initial treatment
  8. You need to go on Thailand Intervac pick a Bangkok hospital that's convenient and that's taking reservations click on their website and complete their registration. I got AZ at BPH and my wife got AZ at Samithivej Siracha because we didn't want to go to Bangkok but all through Thailand Intervac
  9. You normally need 13 mths (1 mth for under consideration) of FTT transfers listed in your bank account- 3 for your first extension. They need to be listed in your bank book as FTTs. I collect Credit advices from my Bangkok Bank all year and present them back to BB for the annual certificate. Ticking "funds for long stay" on Wises web site get FTTs showing in your account
  10. Getting Thai IDs and passports means your boys could be conscripted when they reach 21. The army picks up their details from their tabian baan (house book) However not having Thai passports means they have to apply for entry visas at your local Thai embassy everytime they enter Thailand.
  11. And we know how these immigrant smuggling rings grease palms to continue their trade AND who is responsible for the Covid peak in Phuket - look for the greased palms! Look for Officials çhasing their own tails!
  12. Update your bank book monthly then your bank can use that to provide immigration certification
  13. Entirely suspicious. 50k bht per case? Class action by 3000? Somebody's taking a large slice of the 157m!
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