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  1. Can't drive out of province on red plates. Must admit this is the first I have heard of a curfew as well!
  2. Usually AIS will send you a SMS that has a code for a mths extension using the amount you have in your account so you don't need to top up with more cash
  3. Immigration are only interested in credit advices showing FTTs into your Thai bank. They do like to see them coming at a regular time each month but a slightly late top up should not worry them but it's best to have a plausible explanation. They mainly look at the bottom line on your bank certifying letter which if you transfer 40k per month will come well above the 400k required. Best not to recirculate money in the manner described as they will then start thinking maybe you are just recirculating the same 40k every month. I have never had a problem getting FTTs on my Wise transfer
  4. All the security you have on your PC and laptop can be installed on your phone
  5. If you have a valid foreign driver's license you shouldn't have to take the multiple choice test. You will get a 2 yr initial licence again and you apparently don't need to view the 1 the video training update. Using a local driving school next to the DLT office will get you an early place in the foreigner queue. At Banglamung they only do the color depth perception and reaction tests. Driving school will also help with medical and residency certificates
  6. To me a retirement extension for an expat means regular payments from outside the country into a Thai bank the source of which is immaterial. The 800k deposit in a bank for 1 yr plus the need to maintain for 3 mths then top up again 3 mths before next extension is entirely designed to prompt the use of agents with a substantial fee to immigration. The 65k mthly from outside Thailand into a Thai bank is clearly for retirement purposes doesn't require large deposits for extended periods and is used for daily expenses so doesn't need an agent and doesn't bring suspicion about working in Thailand
  7. Unfortunately gambling and alcohol feed Thais addiction to the now with no thought to tommorow. Religion and Politics feed upon this as expressed through the education conscription and legal systems. Mai pen rai is a disease not a philosophy
  8. Yes Cha Am is greatly preferable to Hua Hin. Definitely not as Touristy as Hua Hin and much less crowded. It has a long and attractive beach contrary to Hua Hin where the beach is diminutive and dirty.
  9. Just checked Aetna website for expats which says age restriction is 65 and stops at 70
  10. I used the driving school closest to the DLT office who queued for me so I was 5th in the 40 allowed. Cost me 3000 bht but this included video (In Thai) Medical and address certs. In and out in 1hr.
  11. Still have all my Immigration docs copied onto Chonburi Immigration web site from 2019-checked and they are still there. They never used them and I still can't find the submit button. Chance of Immigration going digital is zero. They like slightly modifying or completely changing year on year. Pity because they have started using QueQ and it works very well.
  12. Got an sms to get a Pfizer jab at Central Festival on 18/10. Already had an AZ on the 18/8 at with a further appointment on 10/11 all in block D BPH. Did previously fill in a enquiry form at BPH to register future interest in Pfizer where they said they didn't have any but wanted to see how many wanted it. Thought good idea as booster shot in the new year. Rang BPH and told them all this and they claimed IT error and I should stick with AZ on 10/11. As BPH had closed pre-registration on Thailand Intervac I assume they found they had more Pfizer than they thought and hence the SMS today.
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