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  1. and again you cannot show disaproval of the Israils goverment without being accused of antisemitism. what Hamas did was terrible and an act of terrorism, what the Israelis are doing in Gaza is also an act of terorism. Until such time as a two state solution is found for Palestine and Israel and as long as Hamas and the far right Israili coalition stay in power their is little hope of peace in the middle east
  2. Am in Khonkaen, have had my tax refund by cheque already without any problem
  3. Perhaps it is time that the IDF is designated a terrorist operation. Why should a modern state be allowed to attack a population of different ethnicity without sanctions, this is not now a case of self defense but of naked aggression. The events of the 1930,s and 1940,s during the holocaust were terrible but they should not be used as an excuse by Israel to behave as they are in Gaza
  4. yes and if you get your vote you can lobby your MP to support pensions for all, one expat might not count but enough expats voting may make politicians think again
  5. And more visible at night is definitely a great safety feature here with the number of people who drive without lights. The only thing is that you have to get other people to get white cars and reduce the strength of the tint on their car windscreen
  6. Is it antisemitism or anti far right Israel government policies, In no way do I support the Hamas actions but I do think that the Israel governments actions have given Hamas the excuse they needed for their actions
  7. I dont know what GPS manufacturer Toyota use but if it is Garmin you can get free maps from open street map either to load on to a SD card or to install using Base CAmp
  8. I am not suggesting it should happen but if you follow your logic then the Russians or North Koreans would be justified in assassinating the leaders of any country which provides weapons to be used against their forces.
  9. I see that the Italian government has banned this system, so thanks but no thanks
  10. No the correct name is Taiwan even though mainland China are not happy with the name
  11. perhaps but when a dog has turned vicious it should be euthanized, because you do not want to risk another attack on innocent adults or children.
  12. Yes if he is found to be guilty but can we have a trial and verdict first please
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