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  1. Nobody seems to have picked up on this. IF the extension last year was on the basis of 40k per month income, and he didn't reach this level EVERY month, he failed the terms of his extension. If this is the case, he has little option but pay up. If the future extensions are on the basis of 400k in the bank, he should not have a problem next time. One reason why i went the 400k route, no panic if the exchange rate plunges and one month you do not have enough.
  2. The economics of selling it to the UK is because electricity prices in UK are higher than Europe. But does sound a bit of a gamble. Maybe they want the same price as the new nuclear station (Hinckley Point?) will get. But apparently the UK intends on cutting green taxes on Electricity generation and shift it to Gas and other fossil fuels. Logical if you want to make people use electricity instead of gas.
  3. Sorry to hear about the low levels in your ponds owl, wife just sent me some photos today, mine are full at last. Will post when i get them onto the computer. Downside of high water table is impossible to drain pond completely and get rid of undesirable residents. Always a few 3 spot Gourami and snakeskin gourami survive, along with snakeheads and climbing perch. Occasionally get some oddities turn up - once found a baby giant snakehead. Never caught any on rod and line though. That video was great - I walked through that ornate entrance to South Park last Monday! Took granddaughte
  4. First time in Barking Park was August this year! Born Charing Cross but family lived in South London, various places. The track for the steam train is still there, but not running. The lake is now overrun by Canadian geese and is a lurid green colour. Daughter moved to Barking a few years ago, and moved again this year to her husband's families house. Visit once a week. My big pond is only about 1 rai. Feeding the fish in the Long water. And below, the Rick pond after digging, still filling from water table.
  5. Toll roads and bridges - No thankyou. Have enough already. Private education? How many can afford it? Or perhaps you prefer an illiterate servile peasantry .
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