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  1. As I've already explained to you, you don't have to state this more clearly, because that's exactly what I get from my bank – – not only a statement covering the past 12 months, for my transactional account, but the statement covering the deposit account and a letter signed and stamped from the bank confirming all of that. I don't know how much clearer I can be about this. And you obviously didn't read my post because I will not lose money by paying an agent, simply because my 800k will be invested in my peer-to-peer lending in NZ which pays 6.5% per annum, relatively r
  2. Well @JetsetBkkand others, here is my latest update........ Just a quick recap: on Monday, 11 October I went to see my bank manager because I was anticipating getting my bank documentation in order so that I could renew my retirement extension a few days earlier than the 16th, which was the date. The manager said it was lucky that I had come along early because he had several farangs who had been having problems with Phuket immigration, inasmuch as they now wanted 12 months record of transactions, and it would take a week for him to send to head office to get it, so he
  3. He'd have had no option other than to use an agent And I think that's the crux of the matter MM, the more they can probe and find the slightest discrepancy in the paperwork, or make it difficult for the farang, the more they can refer to agents, and of course the more money flows their way. Thinking about your post, and the Italian man, it would have been so easy for immigration to have pointed out his mistake to him (so that he could learn from it) and let him off with a warning before issuing his extension.
  4. Comprehension difficulties? I wasn't asking anyone to help with regards to anything, just sending a warning about Phuket immigration, based on what happened to a friend of mine. I was trying to help others.
  5. But then again as I've already posted here, and which has already been posted elsewhere, it is perfectly legal for the chief of the office to be able to issue a retirement extension without the necessary funds being proven. So the point about one being suspected of aiding and abetting the facilitation – money – cycle falls by the wayside because of this. If you haven't read the previous posts on here, I've always done my own immigration paperwork and always abided by the rules, however a friend of mine wasn't so lucky, which is why I started the thread.
  6. Unfortunately the anti-vaccination campaigners, for whatever reason, are not new to this scenario as the cartoon below from the 1930s shows. This particular cartoon lays the blame firmly on "misinformation".
  7. Hey @rooster59 did you get a message I sent to you about a week or so ago??
  8. Oh dear, another poor soul who has missed the point, which was, that I didn't refuse to pay it, I just queried it? And for the record, the I/O was transferred some while ago, so I don't have to sit in front of him at all. Karma at work.
  9. Nice post LL, good to catch up with you, and you have summed it up well, and it's such a pity that the 10 PM curfew was implemented, because the place was very lively, but then, them's the rules! The ex-Suzie Wong's girls who were crowding around the bar at the entrance to Soi Sea Dragon were certainly busy and there had to be at least 30 of them vying for punters attention and lady drinks. Beach Road was also busy with hotels and café's pulling in a few punters, and I noticed that Molly Malone's was open, and the lead guitarist and singer, called Dom, from a group who
  10. In my friend's case, something which totally surprised him was that the agent put his 20,000 baht into an envelope (no not brown) and handed it to the I/O, in front of him, and when he asked what her fee was, she quoted 2000 baht, which he happily paid. So we know it goes on, but then such things are endemic here in Thailand, and there's nothing much we can do about it, and as for those people who suggest one should go to the chief in charge and complain, well they obviously haven't thought it through!
  11. Well, I've always done everything by the book and I have been doing my own immigration business for 15 years now. However I have encountered problems, one of which in particular irks me, whereby I was using the 400k in the bank and monthly overseas transfers making up the total to more than 800k, which is okay according to immigration, however the I/O took a dislike to my doing this and grumpily told me I should do the full amount in the bank next year, whilst glaring at me. So I did. My friends experience has puzzled me, and he has no reason to lie so???? H
  12. I did something similar after I broke up with my ex girlfriend, and she had her young daughter who had been living with us for about six years and who I adored, so I wanted to take care of them both for as long as I could, so I did. All in all I would have given her about a million baht in order to set up a small business and also various other living expenses. I have unofficially adopted her/our Thai daughter and put her through high school and university and she is now studying to be a teacher, and absolutely adores her papa, much the same as I adore her.
  13. This is an interesting article and worth a read........ Newly discovered bat viruses give hints to Covid's origins https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/newly-discovered-bat-viruses-give-hints-to-covids-origins/RWMHCNUDK4ICTASILSEKGJX344/
  14. There was a thread a while back about this very subject and a copy of an in-house memorandum regarding this was posted and it is the one which guides the I/O's as to what they can and can't do with regards to retirement extensions and the like. The astounding thing about it was the paragraph which stated something along the lines of, "the chief officer at an immigration office has the discretion to approve a retirement extension irrespective of the financial situation of the applicant". So the head honcho can sign off anything he/she wants, and it is all "legal" as far
  15. Thank you for your good wishes, and out of respect for all of the others who have taken time to post on this thread, I will post how I got on, for better or for worse!
  16. That's what I couldn't understand because he did have 900k in his account for over a year and he never touches it, in fact he doesn't need to. As I've tried to explain previously, I think it may well be because that 900k is in a four year term deposit, and they wouldn't accept it, and in doing that, the only way he would have qualified for his extension would be the 65k per month regular income method, which he also didn't have because he brings in lumps at a time every couple of months and that doesn't satisfy their requirements. That's all I can think, and he has no n
  17. Well it was my friend who was ropeable, and I was just repeating his experience, although in another one of my posts I did recount a couple of other bad experiences with an I/O, so it's not the "first hurdle" scenario, but I will persevere. However it all depends on what happens next Monday when I go for my retirement extension, but great to know that I have an option in that I can use an agent if necessary, and it's very stress free. PS. And for all of those doubters, I have all of my paperwork in line, had 800k in a fixed account for over a year, have regular transfe
  18. I can see what you're getting at as regards the "balance", however the documents he had from the bank showed that the 900k had been in the account and untouched for over a year. His other account showed incomings and outgoings of over a million baht during the year. So I'm still stumped as to why they refused his extension ALTHOUGH something has sprung to mind with regards to his 900k investment, inasmuch as I do believe he said that it was a four-year term investment?? I wonder if that would have had alarm bells ringing because it wouldn't be readily avail
  19. Your interpretation is entirely wrong I'm afraid, because all I did was question the 500 baht charge for something that should have been free, which I'm totally entitled to do. It had nothing to do with showing the I/O who was boss because having been here for 15 years I know better than that, because you just can't win with them, however querying the 500 baht charge is not a crime nor is it an effort to show who's boss. It was merely querying something that should have been free. And for the record, I don't see it as "caving in", more allowing myself to liv
  20. I must be missing something here or we are talking cross purposes, because he had the required 800k baht in a Thai bank account (900k actually) as requested by immigration. Then he had his everyday transactional account which contains the money upon which he uses to live here, with incoming transactions from overseas, and he withdraws money from this using his ATM card. As far as I am aware, the above satisfies the requirements of immigration, or as I said, am I missing something, apart from a brain cell or two? KB.....see above response.
  21. If you are referring to my friend whose application was refused, then why on earth would he need to put money into an account in which he had 900k for the full year, as well as statements from his other everyday account which showed that he had spent over a million baht, with transfers coming in from overseas and multiple withdrawal transactions here? Simply doesn't make sense?
  22. And I'm having trouble understanding how you cannot understand what I've written because I, like my friend, follow everything you have written and what is written in the Phuket I/O website. Everything, yes everything that you have rattled on about I do, as does my friend, yet his application was rejected and as I said, I can only suggest that it was because he had a fixed term account with his funds and it. And remember that the website states that savings type of accounts are PREFERRED, so with that ambiguity they are free to interpret it how they wish.
  23. On Monday I go to my bank to get a statement for 12 months worth of my everyday banking account, and also a statement for the 12 months during which my 800k has been languishing in its account and will see how that goes. As I said previously I am quite prepared to pay 20k plus to an agent to get round this hassle, because one never knows what's going to happen, and just to show you what I mean, the following has happened to me at immigration: – I had a new passport and some details needed to be entered into it, from the old passport (or something like that, because it w
  24. It won't have any "transactions" in the bank book, because the money stays where it is, however it does earn a minuscule amount of interest, so every so often I update the book in the ATM system. My 800k is in the account which my bank manager suggested and was accepted by immigration last year, and although it earns a minuscule amount of interest, it is an account which is readily accessible, which I believe the I/O's are looking for. However after my friend's strange encounter, I am quite prepared to get knocked back and would have absolutely no problem in using an ag
  25. My friend did this application in just the same way, with just the same paperwork and documents as he has done for the previous 10 years he has been living here, no difference, no change, no additions and no subtractions. The bank supplied him with the necessary copies and paperwork, just the same as they have done for the past 10 years, so nothing changed. The only thing I can think of is that his 900k is in an interest-bearing account, and whereas before it was always accepted, this time it was refused, and I believe that is the crux of the matter. On the
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