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  1. A problem with anti-depressant medications is that you have to start with a low dose (in case there are unexpected side effects) and build up to a full dose over a period of several months. Similarly, you must gradually reduce the dose over a month or two if the drug does not work for you and the doctor wants to try another medication. You cannot just start taking a full dose or stop taking the medication because there will be bad physical and mental side effects. All this means it is a bit hit and miss and will take time to find the best medication that works for you.
  2. I think that is a good idea. If your wife or relative opens a small cafe, coffee shop or restaurant then you keep your options open. It doesn't have to be capital intensive, but just to establish a presence. The new guy is more likely to reach a compromise with a Thai business next door because it will benefit them both. If he turns out to be an absolute <deleted>, then a small business gives your wife negotiating power with the police and local council to shut him down becasue he is ruining your business. At the very least it gives you more options.
  3. Has the Cafe opened yet? Or is it a Karaoke place? Is it a restaurant? Is it just open for lunch? Is it open all night? Is he going to cater to weddings and special occassions? I think you need more information. If the location sucks, and the guy has sunk a lot of money into the place, then he will go bust eventually. But it might take a year. There is no point in spending money on noise mitigation measures or trying to outdo the bloke. A piggery, or storing wet waste next door, might work if the place is a daytime cafe reliant on passing trade,
  4. We have a Hyundai Tucson (now 5 years old with 300,000 km) diesel. It still looks and drives like new. They are not common in Thailand, but are very popular is some western markets like Australia. They are made in South Korea which means parts are more expensive than locally assembled brands. However, they are still priced way below western countries for the Thai market (about 50% for genuine parts). If I was in the market now I would look seriously at the current MG line-up.
  5. Is this just happening in Thailand, or is it world-wide? If it is just Thailand then it is hard to believe the banks' media to the effect that it is not their fault.
  6. The current MG SUV is well specked and a best seller in countries like Australia. I was reading today that MG sells more cars in Australia than Honda. However, Honda has recently moved to a fixed price policy (cannot negotiate a discount at dealerships) and their sales have more than halved since then.
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