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  1. We had a field hospital near us. It was fully staffed, but had no patients during the first wave. During the second/third wave it was filled with overflow patients from Bangkok and other hotspots. Then there were rumours of hundreds of patients in out local region. I'm not sure what happened to them and no one I know had diagnosed Covid. But there was plenty of talk and fear. I've had 2 bad colds/flus over the last 18 months. Both were slightly unusual - one involved a constant head-ache and the other I lost my sense of smell and taste. Maybe they could have been Covid.
  2. You are only 45. I think the bigger problem is continuing to be productive and having a purpose and direction in your life (e.g. a satisfying working life). Maybe you can rent/live in Thailand for 12 months while running your current business remotely (returning to Indonesia every 3 months for visa purposes and to help with your business). I think after 12 months you will be well placed to consider any suitable business prospects in Thailand and whether you want to settle here. As a side issue, I assume you have considered a country like Australia? You might
  3. Speaking of the Baht, I sometimes wonder why The Simpsons never made an episode in Thailand. Bart could have had a lot of fun with Bahts.
  4. If you are a returning Australian citizen there are no test or quarantine requirements. But you must fill out and submit the online Australia Travel Declaration 72 hours before travel. Essentially they want a contact for your stay in Australia. They will accept the yellow double vaccine page given out at your second shot or from the mobile application. Obviously the yellow World Health Organisation booklet is acceptable as well.
  5. You have 3 options. 1. You can stop payment, allow the car to be repossessed and for the threatening letters to roll in. Your wife will be unable to take out any legal loans for 5 years. As long as the bank holds the loan nothing much will actually happen. After 3 years or so the bank will sell the debt to a third party who will aggressively pursue it. You will have to settle eventually if you love your wife. 2. You can request the pay-out details and negotiate a one-off settlement. Obviously you can sell the truck or keep it once you have the title. You might not save
  6. Yes, yes is an Internet box proprietry to True. We got one for free earlier in the year. The interface is hard to use and it doesn't offer much beyond the usual Thai free to air content. I think we used it once or twice,
  7. I would think most retirees to Thailand will have a lower life expectancy than their home country. Part of this is just living in a tropical country (heat, humidity, insect bites, disease risks etc. etc. that lower life expectancy), part is living in a developing country (hygiene, risk of accident etc.) and part may be unique to Thailand. On the plus side, general mood and happiness may add a year or so. Still, quantity of life is one thing, quality of life on a retirement income is another thing entirely.
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