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  1. The worry should not be on the gender but on experience levels. Every airline on the planet is currently desperate for pilots and they are looking at every demographic to hire. A lot are lowering their requirements to achieve that. Outside of the USA, the terms and conditions of being a pilot are not attractive, the lifestyle is not great and the treatment of pilots in general has been appalling. As a passenger though, there is no way to know the experience levels of your pilots and you won't know it from their gender. It doesn't matter if the captain is the best pilot in the world - if their first officer is useless, it will negatively impact the performance as a crew as a whole. Personally I don't like the "look at me" social media posts - I think it cheapens the profession.
  2. Not me unfortunately. This idea sounds a lot smarter than what I’ve undertaken 😂
  3. a small construction company. It's a steep and expensive learning curve.
  4. This has not been my experience. He will be sent to jail and let out on good behaviour or some other BS reason and he will do it or worse again.
  5. The system should never allow someone accused of this to be granted bail and these cases should be expedited.
  6. We have been planning for a while, since she lost the rest of her family about a year ago. One to Covid and one to cancer. It was a medium to long term plan. She was staying with the a good family until we could adopt her. We obviously can't now - she been murdered. Its just the timeline you seem to have incorrect
  7. It is not an error. It was our intention to do so once we were able to, perhaps the end of the year. My girlfriend will be attending with the family that was looking after her in the interim. I'm not asking for any help other than of anyone is in the area and doesn't mind sitting in as a show of support towards her case. from what I've read in other threads, I don't want this to get looked over because it only looks like just another case that no one cares about.
  8. I am reluctant to post here due to how things may be misinterpreted or however else these threads go off track. I will try and keep to the facts and be brief and please keep in mind that a lot of this information has been sent from Thai friends that aren't fluent in English. A 7 year old girl was raped and murdered not long ago in the Chachoengsao region. The person was apprehended trying to leave Thailand somewhere near rayong. They left their wallet at the scene, people in the area saw him there and his DNA evidence has been found with her. Once brought back to the scene, he admitted he did it. I was told last month that the court case would start on the 25th of August. As such I have planned to take time off work (I work overseas and don't live in Thailand). However, as always seems to happen, I've been told a few days ago that there will be some sort of start to the proceedings tomorrow - the 10th of August. There is no way I will be able to attend. The girl is without any immediate family. There are distant relatives in Korat, but they are not wealthy enough to travel down. It was my girlfriends and I eventual goal to adopt her and I had been supporting her schooling, medical and paying for someone to take care of her in the mean time. We've had too much going on to have done it sooner and now not doing it will be something I will regret for the rest of my life. At any rate. I don't know how this whole process will work. I was initially told that this first proceeding is a formality of the police submitting evidence in preparation for the 25th. Then I was told I should get a lawyer to make sure everything goes correctly. But it's too late for me to organise for this first day. I'm only even mentioning all of the above in the hope that if anyone is in the area and doesn't mind taking the time to attend as some sort of show of support to show the courts that she meant something to someone, I would be grateful. I don't even know if that would mean anything. I will be at work all 10th and uncontactable, but if you happen to go and are able to update me as to what happened, please PM me. Again, so sorry for the late notice - I know its a tall ask. If there's any way of checking the information before going incase I have gotten something wrong, please do so, I don't want to waste anyone's time. The details are: Chachoengsao Provincial Court Sukkasem Road, Na Mueang Subdistrict Mueang Chachoengsao District Chachoengsao 24000 Courtroom No. 1 10th August 11am start
  9. suspicious. right. ????It only seems suspicious to people who believe the ridiculous
  10. Yes genius, that's the point of the feature. I won't have too wait to read your incorrect opinions.
  11. This site really needs a "block" feature. In your profile you put that you believe in god, flat earth and I can block you.
  12. There must be evidence as there is in this case. Nothing will change my mind on their quick execution. As painful as possible if able. those saying he won’t be able to look after her and the child if he’s dead are deluded into thinking he will. Even if he did, he will do the same over and over again. He needs to become one with his “forever box” post-haste.
  13. I agree with your sentiments. But Cx do not care about any of that. She was a BC, so a new joiner. On the salary they are on - I doubt she cares. Plus I also think it was a set up. Who records every interaction with everyone they come into contact with?
  14. He will repeat offend. The severity will only increase. It is a disease that can not be cured. He should be put to death.
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