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  1. Where I sit and watch the world and traffic go by it is common to see a car driver get in his car and just go , so many times a scooter/bike is about to go past but the car driver has no concern about who might be coming along and the saddest part is the bike rider expects it , no blast on the hooter ( I do ) just pulls back in behind the car.
  2. My thoughts too. I may have not bothered with paint on a rope but on seeing aplenty I just had to view , I am still smiling aplenty.
  3. This topic has reminded me to put the lining back in my bike jacket.
  4. I do remember years ago in England one could buy a wooly willy warmer . Oh I don't know what happened to it but it never arrived here.
  5. .....................they would provide the service for folk who got stuck in rings too. 'scuse me . Which/who'se rings , are these front toilet rings , back toilet rings , rings of lady boys ....................far too many rings here.
  6. all those present were taking to the police station for prosecution. Didn't have far to go then.
  7. .................with every other chair having a sheet of paper with a red X on .
  8. ...................and legs that go all the way to the floor .
  9. More local than that , next door where our eggs come from is a cockpit. Not a big deal as has nothing to do with us + the police are involved I suspect. The cockpit has a digital clock above for timing events , in the evening 5 or 6 cars are parked there , but again not in the road so no bother to me. Only worry is the fact that they walk about outside their home but as only a few metres from our house I am not doing more than 10 kph.
  10. 'tis all coming back now. The Goldie couldn't be bump started as with the close ratio gearbox the clutch was slipped up to 40 mph. So kick start it had to be. I would hold my brothers leather jacket as he got the advance about right and did start the brute then I had to blip the throttle as that huge carb. wanted to suck in passing small dogs. A bath plug was left in place when not going anywhere . Imagine. 70mph in first gear , I was leaning back on the pillion and couldn't get forward till second gear. Glad we were at that IoM , Hailwood and Ago. eh.
  11. My Ma and Pa got to 90 but my dad just looked up the garden while doing the Telegraph cryptic crossword as he was too old then to do his favourite thing which was gardening , my mother had a thingy on her chest that called the doctor on pressing it. I was not there but my brother was he said she felt a bit off pressed the thingy but colapsed on the way down the drive to meet the doctor, imagine.
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