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  1. Yes, it is the 6th. It is my Lufthansa flight schedule that missed out the 'next day' comment. So, Friday afternoon and collect printed results when the lab opens Saturday morning. Got it. Thank you very much. I am flying out of Lyon, which is a giant modern international airport, so there should be no problems there. Thanks again. I am dreaming of my morning exercise dip back home in Isaan. I am a Canadian (born) and used to walk to school in -10c no problems and at home (b4) in Chamonix France -10c was a 'mild' day, zero was 'balmy'. When I got her
  2. Excuse me for being stupid but help me out please. I am in France now, on the 2nd Dec.. My flight to BKK is on the 5th at 10h50. (Sunday). I arrive at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi on the 5th at 07h15 following a 15 or 18 hr flight. I have to have a RT-PCR test taken with the results 72 hours (3 days) before entry at BKK (or getting onto the flight?). So, can I get a test and on Friday the 3rd with results dated Sat the 4th? And are result sent to me on my phone acceptable or must I have a printed document? (I have a 4 or 5 hr drive from here, where the lab is, to where my hotel is where the
  3. I have booked a room at Sinsuvarn airport suite hotel for one night. It is about 800 B including breakfast and maybe other meals too. They do the test at the hotel and it costs 4000THB. Attached is what they sent me. Is this the normal charge? They are very clear about what they are providing for this price. The room price is OK and they will let me park my car at the hotel for a week for a few hundred baht which is pretty handy. It all seems ok but I thought I would check. I have my Thailand pass already btw, but the lady at the hotel said they will want proof of payment
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