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  1. I note there is one Truss fan who has been very conspicuous by his absence of late...
  2. So that part about her leading them into the next general election...?
  3. Absolute abject chaos in Westminster. And it's all on the Tories.
  4. The latest Toryspeak for 'Demonstrable facts'.
  5. But it is just as well they did make a big deal of his lies, corruption and incompetence.
  6. Well let her call a General Election right now before Labour become a serious alternative. Starmer, Abbott, Lammy, Rayner etc. can't possibly win, so let's go for it!
  7. I believe it was 8 minutes and 20 seconds. Of flapdoodle, however. 'Yes, the Chancellor is sacked but we haven't done anything wrong. And God, I miss him, the man I just sacked. However I respect his decision to be sacked'....
  8. The fourth this year. There's strong and stable government for you...
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