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  1. If you are in Thailand, you could try what I did. I showed my documents (1st AZ in Thailand, 2nd in the UK) to a Thai doctor and she wrote me a medical certificate for B700. Got me into Ko Samui (from Bangkok)..
  2. Update: a medical certificate from a doctor confirming my two vaccinations (one in Thailand, one in UK) was enough to get me onto the plane to Ko Samui.
  3. Update on my experience. I’m vaccinated once in Thailand and once in the UK, both AZ. Obviously Mor Phrom only shows the 1st shot. I spoke to a doctor at Pattaya International Hospital and she reviewed my documents. They printed me a certificate for THB 700. (Side note: the hospital is quiet and empty but everything seems to take a very long time.) Hopefully this will get me on a flight to Ko Samui.
  4. You need to be more specific. Disc golf or ball golf? (Thailand has about 10 disc golf courses)
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