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  1. What are you going on about? The USA are not the police of the world. Look how well Afghanistan turned out when we tried to bring “democracy and freedom” there. Some places are just not ready for it. This idea that the USA needs to liberate foreign nations and bring democracy is a relic of the Cold War that baby boomers were indoctrinated to believe was a just cause. Every generation after the baby boomers are overwhelmingly non-interventionist. The USA needs to worry about their own problems.
  2. More foreigner-phobia. Thailand would be nothing without foreigners. They would still be growing rice and making somtum in peasant villages like they were 100 years ago if not for foreign interests. By all means, continue using foreigner innovations like smartphones and pretty much every luxury there is here, but continue to hate and treat the people who gifted these things to them as inferior. Thailan Nummer One.
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