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  1. So Bangkok are sending their infection to the provinces, but rightly keep the vaccines?
  2. And who cares here? To get any benefit from this we'd need 70 million AZ, 70 million of Pfizer/Moderna and the capacity to make 25 million shots a month. None of which we have.
  3. Combat sports, I mean those involving punching and kicking, should not be seen at the Olympics.
  4. In Lad Prao you have to share the whores with the locals.
  5. Glad you didn't say something like: "I might have filled you up..." . As there was some laxity on Soi 6, regarding the use of condoms.
  6. Not, the number of antibody positive patients will be a lot higher as you'd have to include all people infected for the last 6 months. these 10 or 20% are only current/recent infections. India peaked out with 70% of the population being antibody positive.
  7. What strikes me as weird is that, all of as sudden, people seem to believe that there can be an excuse for breaking, entering and stealing form someone's property. Kudos to the O.P for improving the eduction of that lowlife. But OP, in these difficult times, feel free to contribute to any charity, trough donations or action. This is a different issue altogether.
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