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  1. Why involve the amphur? Write your own Will (or pay some 3/4,000bt to have it done for you) have it witnessed by 2 people and keep it safely. If probate is required after death the Will will need to be translated into Thai. Think about joint bank accounts -the only problem being visa extensions.........but there are simple ways round that. Only problem is condo and vehicle ownership. Do you trust your wife/partner enough to put them in her name? Why feed the lawyers unnecessarily. A widow I knew had to pay 50,000baht probate fee to release 105,000baht from
  2. "Meanwhile the media reported that relatives have removed the female suspect from the block to another location. " Why is she not in police custody? Is she such a hi-so or bnows too many influential people. The Police say that have enough evidence, so go get her ready the court case and ensure she does not get bail.
  3. All a distinct possibility. Be sensible and play safe.........Don't come!
  4. My Kasikorn "Shopping Card" had some 67baht debited 3 weeks ago. A scam outfit in the US. coolgames4u.com I have since changed the daily limit on the card to zero, and only activate it when I need to make a payment
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