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  1. On a related subject. I was working in Egypt in the late 80's about 80kms west of Alexandria. A recent edict meant that work permit applications required a negative HIV test. So, a doctor plus a couple of nurses turned up at our project site and proceeded to take the necessary blood samples from the 50 or so expats. However, our Brit Project Manager was not available. All was not lost as our local Admin Manager volunteered as a stand in and provided the necessary sample. Luckily it came back negative!! No doubt similar dubious practices will still be available in certai
  2. Am in East Pattaya and the post delivery service in the last few months has been very intermittent, for obvious reasons. Deliveries tend to be every couple of weeks or so with a bunch of letters coming all at once. Not received anything since the change to 'deep red' so that might mean a total jam, similar to earlier in the year. So, not normal as in pre-covid days I found the delivery service to be excellent.
  3. Another option within the site is to click on the 'Doo TV' icon. This gives a whole range of foreign cable / Thai TV channel options, including all the Olympic channels sorted by number. Not sure if using this option gives a better viewing experience without the buffering. But, for a free site and, as you note, decent quality pictures, it is a good option if all else fails.
  4. Excellent pics and many thanks for posting them. Your timeline matched almost exactly with mine. I first visited Pattaya around July 1981 (from Saudi) and also met up with my future wife in 1982 - although that was a Bangkok meetup. Early years stayed mainly at Ocean View on Beach Road before buying a place in The Village on 3rd Road around 1988. Really happy to have experienced Pattaya way back then, although still a 'late arrival' for some of the early birds!! Yes, in those days the Marine Bar was the go to place. Even recall the space invader machines loc
  5. Received the registration email about 3 hours after entering my email address. Filled in the info and took a pdf of passport info page + visa stamp (retirement), all on one page. Sent off and immediately received the 'successfully registered' email. So, just awaiting the appointment email. Am in Pattaya and have an appointment with MedPark, Bangkok on 6th (for 1st dose). If this new registration gives me an appointment prior to that, at a closer vaccination centre, I will cancel MedPark. If not I will go ahead with Medpark and then ignore any subsequent email from this new scheme.
  6. I have been following most of the sports live on Doofootball.com Choice of multiple channels. Will show the live schedule when the events are being broadcast. Can be a bit iffy at times but with a decent connection speed it mostly works fine. Also covers F1 and a multitude of football games (as the name implies!!).
  7. Came across this study that concludes that having had dengue fever in the past, people are twice as likely to develop symptoms of covid-19 if they are infected by the novel coronavirus. https://www.news-medical.net/news/20210518/People-Who-Have-Had-Dengue-Are-Twice-As-Likely-To-Develop-Symptomatic-COVID-19.aspx#:~:text=Prior dengue infection considerably increases risk of symptomatic COVID-19,-Download PDF Copy&text=A study published this May,infected by the novel coronavirus. I was unaware of this possible link but, given that I contracted Hemorrhagic Dengue Fever
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