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  1. Well I filled in one for years without ever adding Tha tax residency to it and it was never queried even though they have my address here....... More recently adding in Thailand I still did not give a TIN and again not asked for so not sure you can say it is "required".
  2. I remember watching that in the UK when it came out. I thought it was good (then) but my memory of it is that it was very dark. The theme tune is very memorable.
  3. Could you not just change the default USB configuration in Developer Options to No data transfer - depending on Android version and software......?
  4. I only have to look at your title thread to see it is misleading. Are you talking one of the countries currencies or crypto - because if the former you may be better putting it on the 4.30 at Kempton......
  5. yes the price of oil being a classic example - and I am not referring just to the fuel for transport.
  6. Try reading his original post again and have a think about it. it was nothing to do with people cancelling......
  7. topt

    Yellow book

    As @scubascuba3 says his comment was from only a couple of years ago. From what I can see the requirements posted on the first page of this thread haven't changed in the 12 or so years since I went and asked at the Pattaya Nua office - where they said it would be easier if I was married....... Whether their attitude has changed to be more willing I don't know but it is theoretically still a ball ache if you have to get those translations from Bangkok. Examples posted from other districts don't really help the original poster.
  8. You are joking aren't you.....? Monday 15th I unfortunately had to venture down Soi Buakhow for a short stretch from Klang to soi 19.. I was going to post the dashcam footage but unfortunately it had already recycled but at 6.30pm it was still like a war zone with no sign of stopping. Tuesday 16th I was in a bar and a Thai boy with a foreign older guy utilised a bin full of water left outside a massage shop opposite to throw water at passing motor cyclists - and this was after 10pm. One of the massage ladies joined in.
  9. Ok so a little more involved than your original comment which imo alluded to those retired and not earning in Thailand. I don't totally disagree but one can hope that this and other threads will arm readers appropriately.
  10. I am not doubting your personal anecdote but otherwise I do not remember reading of "surprise visits" earlier in this thread unless it was to do with having claimed for tax withheld on interest perhaps? I don't suppose you have bookmarked any of these reports?
  11. I mentioned this in a thread where someone mentioned a holiday but I had not noticed it on the list. I note that even Visakha Bucha day on the 22nd May is not currently mentioned. At least the link shown in the thread shows an updated list but if the actual list is not going to be updated IMO it would be less confusing to just delete it and leave the link.
  12. I wonder what you know about it's "good relations"..... Being polite this sounds like a bit of a stretch.......
  13. Perhaps with Songkran now pretty much over everywhere someone may actually start to look at it next week...........or sometime thereafter .....
  14. There was a separate thread on this at the time of its airing. I am not Swiss but personally I found it almost a complete waste of time to watch due to the vagueness.
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