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  1. Let's see what would happen if other countries would make laws so that THai can not own property in their country. Unfortunately it will not happen.
  2. I don't want to see these red scumbags in to power (FYI) nor do I want to see the yellow ones. You know that paying 1000 people to stage a protest is cheaper than hiring 100 K. It should have been a day of celebration instead.
  3. Hope people start to open their eyes on how corruption and nepotism works. Buriram again. The home province of the Chidchob family. First the airport, now the train they most get desporite.
  4. Nope it is about paying tax, in CNX many owners of condos of Airbnb are Chinese and no money is send to Thailand.
  5. Hence that's why they don't publish their location, even the the stupid RTP could find them without BMW.
  6. Yes you are right, no problem but the Thai army, no way. I spent 11 years in the army so I'm not against serving but in THailand no way.
  7. 10 years, is not that long. The older brother of the current minister of transport is almost 30 years on the run for murder (living next door of Buriram in Cambodia). If he has been a monk before he can hide under that name. I know a tour guide who had two licenses one under his real name an the other one under his name as a monk. Remember the policeman that shot two people in Kanchanaburi, they found him also working in Phuket as a tour guide. Changing a name in Thailand is easy.
  8. Police powerless???????? They should be held responsible as well together with the shooter. A knife attack is not an industrial dispute in my humble opinion.
  9. Two different things, my covid ID is not the same as my Tabien baan ID
  10. The main target is Buriram, a province run by the older brother of the minister. The other two are have to hide that fact? Aot has plenty of retired generals on their payroll.
  11. Also my suggestion, Decathlon Riverside series https://www.decathlon.co.th/en/p/8392092_riverside-500-grey.html
  12. No debt and savings is a must. Unfortunately the money I saved for investment and to buy new stuff is now used to survive. The only advantage is that I have about 70% less competition than before.
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