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  1. Appears that the majority still remain terribly disconnected and don't know why.
  2. Might add a selected highly superior and developed Western nations to that list, as quite a number within this cherished club don't have such high speed rail infrastructures and don't expect to have anytime in the near future. Beats me all to hell as to why a high speed super rail program has anything to do with a reflective advanced civilization.
  3. Appears to be more popular now than of the past - see 'im everywhere. Every conceivable type of avenue.....news, cultural, societal programming and assorted venues are for the taking. Good for him.....
  4. The answer might be rhetorical as well - most of us understand why. Goes back much farther back than 5 decades........
  5. With the exception of mass collective people's revolution or purposeful long general strike, which I can't really see coming about in any such future scenarios. We'll have to wait for the most influential and powerful entity to cycle out before any such change can take place.
  6. Yep. That would be my extended pleasantry as well. Good on 'er!
  7. Better yet, think of Thailand before 1970 [or even 1968] and then ask yourself the same set of comparative questions. Those that consider the 2000s to be looked upon as nostalgic are typically fogged over - even the early '90s could be waxed in a more romantic era [barely]. With all due respect, the good old days of 2014 [or there about] shouldn't be mentioned with back when.
  8. Largely dependent on the quality and personal righteousness of the research and predisposed spin. Everyone has their own particular flavour of Kool-Aid.
  9. You know you're in the bottom of the heap when the lowly Lao whisk right by ya.
  10. More so to be noted: Some pretend to be long timers. Pretend to be residing here. Pretend to have any such connections with Thai/Thailand. Pretending has become the accepted fashion.
  11. Why is it that so many are hung up and assured by the vacant wisdom of fabricated polls, surveys and ranking?
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