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  1. And you know that how? They certainly had brothels. Have you ever heard the word "mangda?" There used to be folklore about kidnapping women on the street and forcing them to work in brothels. The mangdas were the men who controlled them. I don't know if the stories had a factual basis, but believe they did.
  2. He's just wrong about his history, which surprises me, because he used to own several "ap, op, nuads." The sex industry as an openly acknowledged institution goes back probably to the Kingdom of Sukhothai. It certainly was well established by the time Bangkok became the capital. Thailand took advice from the World Bank back during the 1950s (even before the CIA started sending " military aid" to Field Marshal Sarit, which was immediately followed by the first "communist insurrection." I don't have a link, but it's been reported in reputable magazines that they advised the Kingdom to take adva
  3. But you need to find the balance. A certain amount of salt is essential to good health. That's why ancient empires either taxed it or used it as money. The problem is much modern processed food adds lots of either sugar or salt (or both, I guess) because it tastes good. I think naam blaa counts as salt. Anyway, keep an eye on the amount you take in. You can avoid sugar completely and have good health, but you can't entirely cut out salt.
  4. My niece and her husband run a small business. They usually have three or four employees, usually paid daily, no other benefits. Part of the traditional Thai patron/client culture requires them to treat their loyal workers to parties on their birthdays. What I hate is when they crank up the karaoke machine to 11, because they think the neighbor half a mile away would enjoy the music, too.
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