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  1. But you need to find the balance. A certain amount of salt is essential to good health. That's why ancient empires either taxed it or used it as money. The problem is much modern processed food adds lots of either sugar or salt (or both, I guess) because it tastes good. I think naam blaa counts as salt. Anyway, keep an eye on the amount you take in. You can avoid sugar completely and have good health, but you can't entirely cut out salt.
  2. My niece and her husband run a small business. They usually have three or four employees, usually paid daily, no other benefits. Part of the traditional Thai patron/client culture requires them to treat their loyal workers to parties on their birthdays. What I hate is when they crank up the karaoke machine to 11, because they think the neighbor half a mile away would enjoy the music, too.
  3. It's a good question. Thailand is incredibly more prosperous than it was in the 1950s, when the World Bank recommended developing the sex trade as Thailand's best prospect for development. I don't think the kind of tourists Prayuth wants will be attracted in the numbers he wants needs, but what do I know. Covid has so completely disrupted the old economy the future is more unpredictable than usual. There is still a large reservoir of rural poor who have been accustomed for decades, if not centuries, to sending their daughters to work in the sex trade for a few years. I'm sure the business is
  4. Something happened when I was 18, in the Air Force, and stationed on a little island on the 38th parallel in Korea that made me understand at a very deep level that I might die at any moment. I think I felt enough fear that night to use up my lifetime's supply, but I suppose when I face the real thing I'll find it wasn't all used up. I saw a really schlock Chinese movie on TV back about 1985 where this Chinese warrior expressed pretty much what I feel. "I don't fear dying, I fear getting hurt." There's many ways of dying that are stretched out for years of helplessness and pain. I hope for som
  5. I don't do opera, so I've never heard of the Italian, but Lisa is pretty, and she works hard. ฿100 million baht is only (approximately) $3 million, not bad for the bush leagues, but she's gotta grab it while she can. I don't think her dancing is very interesting, but I'm not in her target demographic.
  6. You got it. From time to time I wonder how that worked out with Khao San Road. They were so happy to "clean it up" after the coup. Do people still go there?
  7. Acharn

    3BB Phuket

    I live about 10 km outside the city of Nakhon Sawan and have had 3BB for at least 12 years, upgrading until my contract now is for 100Mb. Whenever I think to run a speed test I get 300Mb for download, so no problem.
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