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  1. Apologies...I thought from your post that you had acquired a non 0 volunteer.
  2. Why would you hit the wall with the Non o volunteer? If there is going to be a final deadline for extending, could you not just get your 12 month extension before the deadline, or am I missing something?
  3. With the government today already making noises about a backtrack on an October reopening, I would say another extension is looking very likely.
  4. OP, immigration have no interest in digital nomads. They issued a statement to that effect a couple of years ago. Your bigger issue will be your visa. Assuming you're under 50, tourist visas and border hops are an option when normality returns, but immigration have.been cracking down the last few years on people deemed to be spending too much time in Thailand on tourist visas . You could fork out for an elite visa, but it's not cheap.
  5. To state the obvious, the covid extension will end at some stage. I wouldn't want to be relying on its continuation as part of any long term strategy for staying in Thailand. OP, if you have the funds you could always speak to an agent about a longer term visa.
  6. They did. I didn't say they ended restrictions, I said they eased them. In dark red zones indoor and sit down dining is now allowed, as well as other businesses such as salons, massage shops, and shops in shopping centers have all reopened as of September 1.
  7. Firstly, I didn't insult anyone, and secondly, my conversation wasn't with you, so I've no idea why you're getting involved. As for the rest of your post, I'm well aware of the struggles and hardship covid is causing. I've no idea why you feel the need to tell me that, as none of my posts made any reference to said hardship.
  8. The one thing that this pandemic has highlighted, to me at least, is that the world is full of glass half empty doom and gloom merchants, who just live to wallow in misery. What part of what I said are you struggling to understand?
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