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  1. Cops the world over hate responding to anything with "domestic" violence involved. It's not just Thailand.
  2. Marketbuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz obviously have a paid-for agenda here. That's probably the whole purpose of these 'survey' agencies.
  3. CO2 levels rise and fall with temperatures influenced by our sun; solar flares, cycles, etc. That big yellow ball in the sky doesn't influence our climate?
  4. Yep, a litany of woe and pollution, but just bear in mind that CO2 levels in our atmosphere are currently at 0.04% only. Of which only 1/10th is produced by humans. If levels drop below 0.02%, the plants, trees, vegetation (our food sources) start dying. CO2 is literally the 'gas of life' being repackaged (by the globalists, their paid-for scientists, and lapdog media) as (another) enemy and taxation source. Thailand has obviously signed up to this BS by way of some 'trade deal' agreement or WEF infiltration.
  5. People here buy these Huskies as a "fashionable" social status trinket only. Dogs bred for pulling sleds across frozen tundra in Arctic conditions reconsigned as an accessory to some muppet who would normally never consider looking after a dog as a pet or family member.. Add to the fact that this cupid stunt actually filmed herself torturing the dog and uploaded the video. Beggars belief.
  6. I've been using broadbandservices for a couple of years. Live sports, news, etc. Package at less than 3k THB / year, and excellent value, imo. Has it's own app to watch / stream which is better than the iptv smarters app. Some issues with the undersea cables recently, but running a VPN in the background seems to be a solution. Has a free trial and player available on the website.
  7. I also (foolishly) bought a Samsung "smart" tv a year ago. The apps available are from Samsung only and very limited, especially if you want to watch or have subscribed to an iptv service. (Any future purchases will be an android system). The apps on Playstore are only Samsung-approved and limited. I got an android 'box' last month and loaded up the iptv viewers / players, and also bought a decent VPN to run in the background. Seems to work very well.
  8. Someone ought to tell that to the operators of tawdry 'zoos' here who keep the poor little critters in tiny cages, only let out to perform pathetic 'shows' for tourists. Hello "Underwater World" and "Nong Nooch Gardens". 🤢
  9. It's brilliant that Thailand has a taxpayer-funded org like RID and indeed a "Smart Water Operation Center" to handle seasonal rainfall.
  10. Yep, he's all "show" and no 'go'. Basically a vapid distraction merchant.
  11. Basically, Thailand operates in the narrow little bubble of it's own language and culture. And superstition. Some "prominent" guy in a white coat and backed by some important-sounding acronym can say anything he wants, and it will go unchallenged here.
  12. Yep, watching this from my office window. Has expanded and increased a lot within the last 20 minutes. Maptaphut surrounding company sites have been evacuated already according to local news, just hoping fire fighters can get this under control within next couple hours..
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