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Thai postal problems

Bangkok Barry

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I am wondering if anyone knows the legal position regarding withholding or non-delivery of mail in Thailand.

I have received almost no mail in my village in Kalasin province for about 18 months now. At one stage it was discovered, after complaints by many, that the postman just hadn't bothered to deliver anything for about six months. He was replaced, and I have no idea what happened to him. He was close to retirement so probably no-one did anything at all. The next postman lived opposite me, and if I was expecting anything I had to go to his house to collect it. He, also, was fired. Again, as far as I know, nothing happened to him. Now I am not receiving anything from the third postman. Upon asking at the post office about a parcel I am expecting my wife was told to go to the postman's house in a nearby village and ask him if he has it. As for missing mail I was expecting, such as tv and internet bills, the PO officials just grin and shrug their shoulders. We now pay those by direct debit but, of course, still receive no bills/receipts.

I am at my wits end with this, having during this saga not received an important letter from my UK bank which could have seen them close my account. A Thai Amex card bill for my annual fee was also not received, so no payment was made which could have lost me the card and/or affected my reputation with them. I have also in the past received letters from pension authorities in the UK which are aimed at proving I'm not dead yet and therefore require a response, and I am very concerned that if one of those is not received by me I could have my pension cut off and have to go through all kinds of trouble to get it re-instated.

If someone withholds mail in the UK it is a criminal offence, but my experience here is that no-one gives a toss. Is there an authority I can go to, or should I take it to the police? My brother-in-law is an inspector in the same area as the PO and a visit from him and his mates in uniform might have an effect. But my wife, being Thai, is very reluctant to make a fuss.


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I have had a similar problem again in Kalasin   i  went and spoke with the I think the duty manager  it then was resolved. that time.  I was considering making  a test delivery  ie to myself using ems/recorded delivery  thus making it trackable  don't be worried about upsetting the postie he's probably   pissing off many other people also

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