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getting trusted translation around of at MFA

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Could someone help me out? We need a trusted translation Th-Eng from birth certificate and marriage status. Some people told us that we could get the best trusted translations from inside the MFA (building), others advised us just to use the translators from outside the building.


To use time as efficient as possible we plan to use the MFA's express service. So, the MFA opens 0830 am... is there any trusted translation service around that opens earlier? From what time? If not, it means that we need to wait for the translation, line up in the express queue - in that case we possibly end up late in the queue and maybe miss the time-slot (until 11.30 i think).


If available: could you provide maybe name and contact details of translation services.


Thank you in advance... Frank

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When we got married we used the translation service inside MFA on the 2nd floor.
Didn't have any problems with it, and was pretty quick so you can 'if' you get there early get everything done in one day

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