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Stained glass panel


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Has anyone seen any reclaimed stained glass for sale? I am after a single piece in the 1.5x1.0mtr range. I would consider commissioning a piece but unable to locate any artisans here. Anyone know of someone?


thanks folks.

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Given the fact that you are unlikely to come across some Christian churches being demolished here, and a simple secondary fact that you certainly can not get hold of lead cames, then you are left with two options here.

1. re define your existing glass with "faux" stick on window films of which there are dozens of nice designs to be found at home pro, or home sukkappan for example. simple to fit, cut to size and usually soak them with washing up liquid and water, or spray and sponge them onto the glass.


2. if on the other hand you simply want to change some overhead window panels for glass of differing  colours, green blue red yellow then most glass merchants will cut to size for you at a cost of around 80bt/ft2. This also looks stunning when the sun shine as I can vouch for.

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